RapiFly is a commercial and community project platform.

The overarching requirement for our commercial and community projects is that they improve citizens’ quality of life (QoL) using techniques that human and planet-friendly.

Community projects are executed first at the local level. Successful projects are scaled to the regional; then national; then global level. Teams that advance increase their short and long-term earnings.

Planning Synergies is on a mission to create a global network operations center that serves as a QoL “scoreboard”. Each city’s score is a cummulative assessment of the performance realized in all projects executed within their locale.


Online Town Hall Meetings

Online town hall meetings provide local citizens with the opportunity to offer suggestions on how to improve eight different living standards. interests from the comfort of their homes. Online town halls are 30 days in length, giving citizens the opportunity to provide input when it is convenient for them.


Climate Warming

We’re engaging in a project (under the living standards category “Environment”) that invites citizens, experts and businesses to contribute suggestions on how to overcome climate-related challenges. This project provides excellent insight into how RapiFly works as it touches many of the other seven living standards categories.


Commercial Platform Development

This is actually a multitude of smaller projects that contribute to the development of our commercial platform. Functional, skill and industry experts contribute to the development of modules and templates that are used to deliver both commercial and community projects.


Community Project Development

Community projects are at the heart of our platform, and the reason Planning Synergies created RapiFly. Community projects are organized in eight categories, a.k.a., “living standards”. Onlne town hall meetings are used to determine which projects each city’s local team engages in.

Rise up.
Build a legacy.

It's quite simple, actually.

We either rise up, change our ways, and leave a planet to our descendants that is rich in resources and opportunity. Or we continue scorching the earth and threaten to extinguish ourselves from the planet.

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