Introducing RapiFly®

A Community Performance Management Platform

Engaging commercial and community organizations in collective, intelligent goal achievement.



RapiFly is used to ...

manage plans, change and challenges rapidly, and on-the-fly.

All Projects Contribute ...

to measurable improvements in local, national and global communities.

Experts, Businesses, Government Officials, Non-Profits & Citizens

… work in a collective, intelligent manner.

Users and project teams learn to ...

improve goal achievement consistency, expediency and efficiency.

Moving fast and fixing things.

Planning Synergies PBC Inc. created the RapiFly platform to help individuals, businesses and communities achieve goals in a collective, intelligent manner.

RapiFly manages three elements that impact personal, professional and community goal achievement.

1. Plan Obsolescence

As soon as a plan is created, obsolescence sets in.

The information used to create the plan (team input, research, assumptions, etc.) begins to get stale.

Plans get stale quickly because change is ever-present in our personal, business, and social lives.


2. Change

3. Challenges

Change is often accompanied by challenges, which consist of both problems and opportunities.

Challenges often require rapid, on-the-fly changes to plans because:

  • Problems impede goal achievement.
  • Opportunities expedite goal achievement.


Why RapiFly?

  1. Plan obsolescence is eliminated using collective mechanisms for engaging people and updating information.
  2. Goal and target durability is enhanced using intelligent planning processes.
  3. Immediate alterations can be made to plans as markets and conditions change.
  4. Continuous, measurable improvements take place in goal achievement consistency, expediency and efficiency.
  5. Subject matter experts that accommodate any budget can be brought into projects on-the-fly.
  6. Non-programmers can create and deliver applications without writing software code.


Who Uses RapiFly?

Individuals & SMEs

Individuals and subject matter experts use RapiFly to solve problems, capitalize on opportunities, and achieve personal goals. They also use it to generate revenue creating solutions that commercial and community organizations use to expedite and manage projects.


Businesses use RapiFly to improve internal operations and overcome challenges in a collective, measurable manner. They use it to execute external projects that generate revenue helping local, national and global communities succeed in the projects they engage in.


Communities use RapiFly to improve local, national and global living standards. RapiFly is loosely aligned with the United Nations Strategic Development Goals. Change Theory and the Agile Framework are employed to help facilitate goal achievement in eight project categories.

People brought together by common goals and motivations
are one of the most powerful forces on earth.

It’s time to employ the Internet using methods that benefit society – rather than prey on it.

Planning Synergies PBC Inc. is forming a worldwide team that works collectively to solve common,
high-priority local, national and global problems.

We are on a mission to create an equitable economy that benefits all citizens, and sustain the planet that sustains us.

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