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Subject Matter Experts

Eight categories of SMEs are available to help customers execute successful projects.


Businesses align with commercial subject matter experts that help them execute successful projects.


Citizens work with businesses helping them create high-demand products and improve existing operations.

and ...

NGOs, Non-Profits, local, state, national government agencies, special interest groups, etc.


Commercial and community subject matter experts create
and distribute modifiable applications (M.Apps).


Experts are compensated for participating in
local, regional, national & global projects.


Commercial experts help businesses execute successful projects,
overcome challenges, and manage change.


8 categories of community experts lead projects that improve local living standards.


Metro teams are “nodes” on a local, regional, national and global expert network.

Alignment is

Gamification is a pivotal RapiFly element.

Each metro is a team.
Metro teams can choose to engage in competitions against other metro teams.

RapiFly is an inclusive platform.

Projects can include a variety of subject matter experts, businesses,
citizens, government agencies and non-government agencies.

SME Engagement

Our services are distributed and supported by a team of subject matter experts in each metro area. This team consists of experts with high-level knowledge in eight community categories. SMEs are compensated hourly for the time they contribute to projects.

Local teams support community project development and execution. Category Administrators add sub-categories of experts, as needed, to bring increasingly granular knowledge into projects.

Metro project engagements surface in one of two ways.

  1. Planning Synergies organizes engagements that address specific local, national and global challenges. SMEs are compensated for participating in sponsored commercial and community projects.
  2. SMEs spearhead projects that tap into their respective skillset. These can be commercial and/or community projects.

SMEs are paid an agreed upon hourly rate for participating in Item 1 projects. SME’s determine their hourly rates in Item 2 projects.

Business Participation

Local businesses use RapiFly to improve internal operations, solve problems, and capitalize on opportunities. Businesses choose the SMEs they wish to include in the projects they execute. This can include experts and consultants currently working with the organization, or it can include experts that Planning Synergies brings to the table.

Our business partners learn how the platform works through the community projects that metro teams execute. In addition to acclimating them to the platform, this builds cameraderie, and helps create goodwill for businesses in their local community.

RapiFly provides businesses with a model that motivates experts to perform at a high level. Dashboards (i.e., project metrics) provide a high-level of insight into individual, team, department and organizational performance.

Citizen Participation

RapiFly exists to:

  1. Improve local, national, and global living standards.
  2. Forge the existence of a sustainable planet.

All projects begin at the local level, and scale globally. Citizens, as a consequence, figure prominently in all RapiFly projects.

Gamification exists to identify high-performing local projects. Local projects are promoted to the regional, national and global level. Teams are rewarded accordingly.

Citizens help commercial experts and businesses formulate high-demand products and services. This is accomplished by matching citizens possessing skills, knowledge, experience that align with the specific project needs of experts  and businesses. 

Government, Non-Government, Special Interests, etc.

RapiFly is an inclusive environment. There is little hope for overcoming the range of complex challenges confronting society unless we engage all parties in the creation of viable, durable solutions.

Community project teams can elect to invite government agencies, non-government agencies, and special interest groups into projects.

The topic, challenge or issue of each project determines the groups that are invited to participate.

RapiFly’s remote functionality makes it easy to introduce new team members into projects at any time, regardless of current location.

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