Planning Synergies PBC is building a worldwide, profit-with-purpose problem-solving platform. We believe that the most effective – if not the only way to overcome the daunting array of challenges confronting the world today is to employ a business model that compensates project participants for contributing to the process.

We serve two beneficiaries: 1) citizens, and 2) the planet. The reasons for this are simple. Technology is used today to prey on citizens. Don’t get us wrong. We applaud ambition. But when existing models destroy human autonomy, destroy the planet, and create more problems than they solve; it’s time for an improvement.

Our business model (link to Platform) creates and distributes wealth in an equitable, mutually-beneficial manner. It continuously improves living standards and heals the planet. We accomplish this by establishing partnerships, and engaging in projects, that reward (5?) partner categories for helping overcome local, national and global problems.

Subject Matter


SME partners help cities solve specific problems. They have expertise in one of eight (link) categories. They receive project compensation; community visibility; opportunities to create scaleable applications; and opportunities to participate in national and global competitions.

Small & Medium-Size


Middle class society must be rebuilt. SMBs are a source for innovation, strength and stability. They are essential to the process. Partner SMBs are given access to RapiFly community projects at no charge. They bid to provide their services in projects that solve high-priority local, national and global problems.



Planning Synergies values and admires the work that NPOs do. We believe, however, that solving the vast array of social problems that exist today reqires a business model other than donations. We are interested in partnering with like-minded organizations that welcome the opportunity to realize consistent revenue streams produced through participation in our projects.

Government Agencies

& Officials

Online Town Halls are one of the primary vehicles we use to generate traction. These meetings include the partner groups listed on this page. We intend to insure that the ideas and feedback provided through this medium are valuable, pertinent, and worthy of consideration. We invite and encourage government agencies and officials to join us in this endeavor.



We partner with large businesses to help them solve high-priority local, national and global problems. We provide large businesses with access to people and organizations that use their products every day. In addition to taking the pulse of the market, we engage the market in projects that reveal what they want businesses to do to remedy challenges confronting society.

People brought together by common goals and motivations
are one of the most powerful forces on earth.

It’s time to employ the Internet using methods that benefit society – rather than prey on it.

Planning Synergies PBC Inc. is forming a worldwide team that works collectively to solve common,
high-priority local, national and global problems.

We are on a mission to create an equitable economy that benefits all citizens, and sustain the planet that sustains us.

Contact us and become part of the solution.