Virtual Town Hall Meetings

Virtual town hall meetings are held in each city on the RapiFly network. Town hall meetings are held to identify the local issues that citizens deem most important. Teams of experts, businesses and citizens are formed around each issue. Projects are engaged to formulate goals, create a plan, and subsequently execute the plan. LAB members that participate in the implementation of each project are compensated for their contributions.

Remote Attendance

Barriers to participation are removed by holding Town Hall Meetings online. Constituents can participate from home, while out of town, in their car, etc.

Inclusive Format

Online Town Hall meetings make it possible for all citizens to provide input on issues. Most any topic can be brought forth. Sub-teams can be formed with experts in granular areas.

Variable Length

The length of Town Hall Meetings is determined by the complexity of the project. Meetings can last a day, many months, or many years.

Short & Long-term Goals

The projects that teams elect to execute in meetings can contain short and long-term goals. Simple and complex issues can be considered. High-priority issues can be taken up without delay.

Unique Format

Meetings identify what’s important to citizens. They engage citizens, experts and businesses in projects that solve local, national and global problems.


Town hall participants engage in projects that target specific problems. Project teams are formed that include citizens, experts and businesses with knowledge about each topic.