United Nation’s SDG Alignment

The United Nations created 18 Sustainable Development Goals in an effort to structure a cohesive response to the challenges confronting citizens. These goals are designed to improve living standards for all citizens. They pave a path to the survival of the human species by restoring the planet that sustains us. A massive response in these areas is necessary to avoid finding out what hell on earth truly feels like.

The problem

The problems are well-known by now. Living standards in America have been declining for over forty years. Our planet has been degraded in lock-step with our living standards. And although the problem is bigger than us, a large portion of the U.S. population realizes that it’s essential that we play a major role in turning the tide. That’s not just because we are a large part of the problem, it’s because we live in a country with a framework that encourages us to do so.

The opportunity

The world is full of intelligent people, and America has it’s share of them. Intelligent people engage in critical thinking. They learn from experts. They make personal decisions based on what they learn. They look at the data from the past forty years; they look at a planet pleading for help; and they realize it’s essential that we change our ways. They realize there is opportunity in the changes that must come about if we are to sustain the human species, and the planet that sustains us.


The opportunity exists to create a sustainable, increasingly circular economy that protects the earth and it’s inhabitants. It’s essential that we capitalize on this opportunity. Success in most, if not all of these categories requires citizen participation. The U.N. makes it clear that local groundswells are essential to our ability to overcome the challenges we are confronting.

Planning Synergies PBC Inc. aligns local projects with pertinent United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. We add value to the U.N. effort by placing local performance metrics in our community projects. These metrics are tied to the Gamification of our platform. This integration provides project teams with the ability to increase their compensation by taking high-performing solutions to the national and global level.

RapiFly offers the opportunity for all stakeholders – and as citizens of this planet we are all stakeholders, to bond together in pursuit of common goals. Salvaging the planet, and saving humanity from extinction, are worthwhile goals that we can all rally around.