Tool Set

 Planning Synergies PBC is using a variety of tools to develop and manage our platform. This page highlights key tools that we employ.

Blockchain Technology

We are using blockchain technology to validate the work projects that are executed through virtual town halls. We intend to use blockchain technology to manage all work performed on our community platform. This approach establishes credibility in the eyes of the market and provides our business partners with the confidence they need to work with us in an unhibited manner.

One World

Agile Framework

It is common knowledge in the commercial space that speed to market is vital. Challenges like climate change require that we put it to work in the community space, as well. Accordingly, we are using Agile to expedite service development by building bridges across functional areas such as marketing and software development.

Change Theory

We won’t be able to reverse the decline in living standards overnight. This will likely be a perpetual endeavor, one that requires continuous improvement. Change Theory provides an eye in the sky that monitors the progress we are making across our entire platform.