Subject Matter Experts

Plans and challenges are unique to their environment and situation. In the preponderance of cases, viable plan creation and durable solution development benefit from input by experts.

Planning Synergies PBC partners with commercial and community subject matter experts that distribute our product; create applications that expedite the execution of projects; and help users overcome challengees as they execute projecs.

Commercial Expertise

Commercial experts are categorized by function, skill and industry. Functional experts are placed in sub-categories by department, such as sales, marketing and finance. Skill experts focus on sub-categorized by discipline, such as strategy, motive and communication. Industry experts are typically licensed according to the industry codes on their business license.


In addition to offering their services to their clientele, commercial experts are given employment opportunities in community projects held at the state, regional, national and global levels.

Community Expertise

Community experts are categorized into eight (currently) different classes of living standards.
A wide range of sub-categories is possible for community projects.

Gamification is used in the community arena.
Local, state, regional, national and global teams are formed that engage in competitions against other teams.