A Contemporary Project Environment

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Platform Tool Set

RapiFly provides teams with a variety of tools that help them achieve goals quickly, efficiently, and consistently.

Contemporary Planning

Individuals, experts, businesses and communities achieve goals quickly, efficiently, and consistently using a remote, asynchronous platform.

Challenge Management

Users employ a common method for managing challenges. Standardizing collective problem solving processes is a game-changer.

Change Management

Change management is embedded in the user interface. Distributing plan changes around the globe can be accomplished at any point in time.

Modular Extensions

Modular extensions are used to add categorical information to plan items, such as strategies, processes and analysis. 


Rapi-Code is used to create modifiable applications. (M.Apps)  M.Apps combine to form M.COS, a community operating system.


 Modifiable Applications (M.Apps) are created by commercial and community experts. M.Apps respond to changing market conditions.


M.BOS is a plug-and-play, modifiable business operating system. M.BOS is customized to respond to the needs of each organization and user. 


M.COS is a modifiable community operating system. M.COS monetizes community solution development, distribution and management.

Contemporary Planning

Living standards in the United States have been declining for over forty years. And unfortunately, there’s every indication that the headwinds confronting citizens are going to intensify. Society is in need of platforms that promote and protect citizens interests, rather than prey on them.

People brought together with common goals and motivations are one of the most powerful forces on earth. Mass engagement offers one of our quickest, best hopes for creating a healthy, thriving economy that benefits all citizens. It’s essential that we put the collective skills, knowledge and experience of our communities to work in a synergistic, synchronized manner, using technology in ways that improve living standards rather then detract from them.

RapiFly makes it easy for like-minded people to come together in pursuit of common goals. Managing plans, challenges and change using a single interface makes it easier to work in a synchronized, synergistic manner. It positions teams to leverage one of their greatest strengths, which is the power of their numbers.


Challenge Management

Many factors play a part in a team's ability to achieve it's goals in a given project. Complexity, length of time, and team size offer examples. Two things are a given. Problems will surface. And so will opportunities.

Problems impede goal achievement. Opportunities expedite goal achievement. The methods used to minimize problems and maximize opportunities weigh heavily the success or failure of a given project.

RapiFly users employ a common problem-solving methodology. The methodology that is used to solve problems is the same methodology that is used to create a plan. The same modules that are used to create a plan are used to overcome challenges. Providing teams with an intuitive, repetitive process improves efficiencies as it expedites the flow of information.

Change Management

Change is one of the biggest obstacles to durable planning. As soon as a plan is finished, it begins to get stale and become obsolete. In projects with multiple team members, a change in one aspect of the plan can have ripple effects that alter the plans of multiple team members. This makes it difficult to keep teams in sync. The plan's logic begins to fray.

RapiFly standardizes team planning and problem-solving processes. Doing so introduces efficiencies that expedite the team's ability to respond to change. Change Management is embedded into the RapiFly interface. Authorized parties can make and distribute plan changes to network-connected devices anywhere in the world at a moment's notice.

Modular Extensions

Modules are used to create and store specific categories of plan-related information, such as strategies, analysis and processes. The HiPa Model guides the development and storage of modular information.

HiPa provides an effective, intuitive, expeditious method for creating and accessing critical information. The same (CEE) methodology used to create and execute a plan in RapiFly is used to create information in modules. This makes it easy for users to digest the information in each module and put it to work executing and effective plan.


RapiFly is a no-code software application environment. Rapi-Code converts projects into software applications without writing software code. Applications are distributed through subject matter experts (SMEs) that support each implementation.

The value introduced by this model is enormous. SMEs modify applications as needs change. They support the applications they produce. And best of all, they help customers solve problems and capitalize on opportunities in an ongoing manner. Continuous improvement is enabled with the help of trusted partners that succeed when you succeed.


Rapi-Code brings to life the mechanisms needed to create effective applications expeditiously. This capability is being put to use to create M.BOS, a modifiable business operating system.

M.BOS users are untethered. M.BOS is a suite of applications designed for companies with a high percentage of remote employees. M.BOS aligns closely with our vision to create planet-friendly services.

In addition to being earth-friendly, M.BOS is user-friendly. Users are given the ability to structure their operating environment to meet their specific needs.

M.BOS is business friendly. Organizations subscribe to the applications they need. Categorical experts help users modify their applications to meet their granular needs.


The biggest problem society faces today is – too many problems. Making matters worse is our failure to prioritize issues so that we address problems in a logical, structured manner.

Society is full of entrepreneurial, intelligent people.  And yet we fail to reward people for solving high-priority social problems.

M.COS is a modifiable community operating system. M.COS is an intelligent platform that puts the power of numbers to work changing communities for the better.

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People brought together by common goals and motivations
are one of the most powerful forces on earth!