Project Funding

RapiFly helps experts, citizens, and local businesses get solutions off the ground quickly and efficiently. Project funding is a service provided to platform subscribers to help them quickly formulate and scale solutions.

Project funding, and subsequent assistance, is available using a variety of vehicles, including:

SEED FUNDING: Seed Funding is the springboard to project development. Planning Synergies PBC helps align project creators with seed fund sources. Seed funding sources include individuals, impact investors, and businesses. Fund disbursement goes directly to project creators.

PROJECT CROWDFUNDING: Project Crowdfunding is accomplished through sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Planning Synergies PBC, with help from our business partners, help prepare project teams for campaigns. All funds rasied in campaigns go to project owners.

EQUITY CROWDFUNDING: Equity Crowdfunding is orchestrated through sites like, Fundable, and WeFunder. Planning Synergies PBC provides organizations with tools and services that help them prepare for their campaign. All funds generated go directly to the company executing the campaign.

SPONSOR FUNDING: Sponsor Funding is designed for projects that address national and global issues. These funds are sourced through organizations with an interest in solving a problem or capitalizing on an opportunity. Sponsors benefit from the research that is produced, the perspectives that are realized, and the solutions that are generated. Project sponsors do not participate in decision-making. No compensation or project equity is provided to sponsors in this scenario. Sponsor funds are disbursed to Planning Synergies PBC to be used to deliver a PaaS (Project-as-a-Service). Sponsored projects are designed to employ a specific set of experts that formulate a solution to an identified problem or opportunity.