A Storm Is On The Horizon

The planet and its citizens are reaching a breaking point.
  • Covid 19
  • Climate Warming
  • Wealth Inequality
  • Globalization

America’s citizens are facing unprecedented challenges that are degrading the quality of our lives, and threatening the stability of our country.

Fortunately, America is full of intelligent, innovative, entrepreneurial people. There is an abundance of people in our country that would welcome the opportunity to earn money in projects that overcome commercial and social challenges.

Planning Synergies created RapiFly to put citizens, experts and businesses to work solving local, national and global problems, using a business model that compensates project participants for their efforts.

RapiFly employs Americans in projects that solve local, national and global problems.

Subject matter experts, businesses and citizens engage in projects that overcome commercial and community challenges.

Viewed through the right lens, it’s easy to find a world of opportunity in the challenges we are confronting. Our country possesses the necessary resources to thrive in a digital, global economy. What’s been missing is a platform that organizes and distributes these resources using techniques that benefit citizens – rather than exploit them.

RapiFly is a project-based planning, challenge, and crisis management platform. Teams use RapiFly to participate in projects that help commercial organizations and communities achieve goals and overcome challenges.

A structured, documented process is followed  in each project. Participants learn to achieve goals collectively and consistently. They ingrain challenge management into their daily activities. They learn new skills and more efficient techniques for getting things done with each project iteration.

Dashboards provide detailed performance reporting from the enterprise down to the individual level. Modules manage specific types of information such as communications, strategies, and analysis.

RapiFly is a commercial and community platform.

Commercial organizations overcome internal challenges and generate revenue by helping local, national and global communities overcome challenges.

RapiFly helps businesses create goodwill in communities as they are generating revenue in project engagements. A win-win-win scenario is created by engaging businesses, experts and citizens in projects that improve local communities – as they build local economies.

Functional, skill and industry experts generate revenue helping businesses improve internal operations. Community experts generate billable hours in projects that improve living standards in an earth-friendly manner. Experts make themselves available at rates of their choosing.

Citizens generate hourly income by contributing to projects that provide commercial and community organizations with decision-making guidance.

Commercial experts can be invited into community projects. Community experts can be invited into commercial projects. Businesses and citizens can be brought into any project.

Planning Synergies is forming local advisory boards in cities across America.

Each council consists of subject matter experts, small and medium-size businesses, citizens and impact investors.

Local advisory boards (LABs) contribute to the development of a service-based economy that generates and distributes wealth in an equitable, mutually-beneficial manner. In addition to helping decide which projects their locale executes, each council member is compensated for contributing to the projects they participate in. Short-term compensation is earned hourly, or by the project. Long-term compensation is realized through ownership in stock equity.

LABs position communities to participate in the development of a contemporary, high-value, high-return, global platform. They make it possible for any individual with knowledge and initiative to generate income by contributing to the development of solutions to commercial and community challenges.

Rewarding subject matter experts, citizens and impact investors for contributing to projects that develop local entrepreneurs and businesses will strengthen and rebuild middle class America. Rebuilding our middle-class, long regarded as the heart and soul of our country, is essential to regaining our stature on the world stage.

Cities engage in competitions against other cities.

Local teams advance to regional, national and global competitions – earning higher levels of compensation for team members along the way.

Each city is a team consisting of five groups, including commercial experts, community experts, businesses, impact investors, and citizens. Each team competes against other cities in community projects. Community projects have goals that improve one of eight living standards.


Economy Education Environment Government
Health Infrastructure Justice Media


High-performing teams advance to regional, national and global competitions – earning higher levels of compensation in the process.

Citizens are in need of platforms that promote and protect their interests. RapiFly compensates citizens for executing an agenda they set. It employs businesses, experts and citizens in projects that contribute to the development of solutions to local, national and global problems.

  • RapiFly generates high-value economic activity in local communities by engaging businesses, experts and citizens in projects that improve local, national and global living standards.
  • RapiFly projects employ the collective skills, knowledge and experience of local citizens in the high-priority, high-value projects.
  • RapiFly helps people achieve common goals in a collective manner, using techniques that facilitate continuous improvement.

Planning Synergies is on a mission to improve local, national and global living standards in an earth-friendly manner. We created RapiFly to engage local citizens in projects that solve global problems.