Citizens are compensated for participating in commercial and community projects. Citizens provide commercial organizations with research, product development guidance, marketing guidance, etc. Citizens help communities decide which projects to engage in through Online Town Hall Meetings.

Community Subject Matter Experts

Community subject matter experts provide citizens with guidance in community projects. Eight categories of experts, along with experts in sub-categories, help citizens formulate durable plans. Once plans are formulated, experts guide citizens in the implementation of measurable, yet modifiable plans that adapt to changing conditions.


Businesses use RapiFly internally to engage in projects that improve operations. Businesses can opt to include internal experts in projects, and they can bring experts in “on demand” that are part of the local platform cooperative.

Commercial Subject Matter Experts

Planning Synergies partners with individuals and organizations with commercial expertise in functional, skill, and industry areas. Functional experts participate in projects that focus on finance, sales, marketing, etc. Skill experts participate in projects that focus on strategy, process, research, etc. Industry experts are hired to work in projects that focus on the development of NAICS codes.

Impact Investors

RapiFly is a “profit with purpose” platform. This differs from most philanthropic endeavors in that our projects are designed to produce a profit in areas that align with the skills, knowledge and experience of all team members, including the impact investors that fund the projects.

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