Global Problem-Solving (GP-S)

Individuals, businesses and communities around the world are contending with a host of complex challenges.  Covid, climate change, artificial intelligence, robotics, and globalization are just a few of the challenges confronting citizens.

Planning Synergies is a Public Benefit Corporation. Our charter stipulates that our services benefit society. The RapiFly platform is a Global Problem-Solving system. It is designed to engage local, national and global communities in projects that achieve common goals by capitalizing on opportunities and minimizing problems.

In addition to fulfilling the obligations set forth in our charter, RapiFly provides the world’s citizens with an essential service at a pivotal point in history.

Multi-National Problem-Solving

The challenges confronting citizens make it essential that we engage local, national and global communities in the development of solutions to high-priority problems.

Earth Nodes

RapiFly is a Global Problem-Solving platform that makes it possible to merge high level plans – such as the United Nations Strategic Development Goals, with local plans created in cities.

National Problem-Solving

Plans and challenges are unique to their environment. Each country has different priorities, different cultures, and different strengths and weaknesses.


This creates a need for a platform that adapts to each country’s environment. National teams use RapiFly to create plans from scratch, using in-country personnel. Teams can generate income producing applications that leverage their expertise to help other countries expedite project development and execution.

Regional Problem-Solving

Challenges that span borders create opportunities for regional teaming.
The shortage of water in the Southwestern U.S. offers an example of a prospective regional project.


Regional projects provide countries, states and provinces with an opportunity to band together in pursuit of common goals. Teaming improves efficiencies while improving solution quality.

State|Province Problem-Solving

States and Provinces are also positioned to execute projects geographically as a result of laws and taxes that exist Virtual town hall meetings can be held that include citizens by geography. This structure provides citizens with a stronger voice in decisions that can have a substantial impact on their lives and livelihood.

FL Water Quality

The state of Florida, for example, is confronting growing issues with water quality due to rising sea levels. A collective effort is needed if viable solutions are going to be implemented.

Metro|City Problem-Solving

In their Sustainable Development initiative, the United Nations makes it clear that local engagement is essential if we hope to reverse the decline in worldwide living standards.


The world is full of intelligent, innovative people that are capable of solving the vast array of challenges we are confronting. It’s time to employ people in projects that leverage their unique skills, knowledge and experience in a targeted manner to overcome the challenges we are confronting.