Each city on the RapiFly network is a team. Each team’s performance is calculated using a variety of metrics. Metrics represent “scores” that rank teams in local, regional, national and global competitions.

We are building a “league” of teams participating in projects that improve local, national and global communities. Playoffs provide the opportunity to reward high-performing teams with short and long-term compensation.

Our vision is a worldwide community that compensates subject matter experts, businesses and citizens for engaging in competitions that focus on high-priority, high-return challenges. The world is in dire need of a “sport” that is devoted to improvements in the welfare of humanity and the planet that sustains us.

Project Competitions

Gamification Benefits

  1. Generates citizen awareness and participation.
  2. Generates traction and groundswells that lead to the implementation of successful solutions.
  3. Spreads the use of best practices, while scaling solution implementation in virgin markets.
  4. Increases project team compensation.
  5. Motivates project participants.
  6. Increases solution depth; expands solution breadth.

Let’s Play Ball!