Collective Challenge Management


RapiFly is used by commercial and community teams to solve problems and capitalize on opportunities in a collective manner.

RapiFly users select a home city, becoming a member of that team. Teams compete against each other in community projects that formulate short and long-term solutions to pressing challenges confronting citizens. High-performing community solutions become templates that other cities can employ, increasing the short and long-term compensation paid to the team that created the template.

RapiFly elevates the power and influence of citizens. It helps expedite our response to challenges such as Covid 19 and climate warming. It positions citizens to thrive in the days ahead by sustaining the planet that sustains us.

Platform Features

Team Management

Hiearchical Team Management is at the heart of RapiFly. Team members either develop a plan of their own or execute a pre-packaged template.


Dashboards enable measurement for different various types of information. Performance data is secured from the enterprise to the individual level.

Challenge Management

Goals are achieved much faster when teams manage the opportunities and problems that surface throughout the project in an adept manner.


Commercial and community subject matter experts (SMEs) can be brought into projects on demand. SMEs are paid in blocks of hours at rates set by them.

Change Management

Challenges are inevitable and usually include the need for change. Changes to projects can be performed immediately, following the project chain-of-command.

Modules & Templates

Modules and Templates, created by commercial and community subject matter experts, expedite the development and execution of projects.

A Global Challenge Management Network.

Planning Synergies is building a global challenge management network that uses the power of our numbers to promote and protect citizen interests.

RapiFly builds groundswells in cities across America.

Citizens, experts and businesses develop and execute projects that overcome commercial and community challenges.

An equitable, mutually-beneficial business model

RapiFly was created to engage citizens in projects that overcome commercial and social challenges. A distributed model employs the intelligence and determination of our entire population to achieve common goals. The skills, knowledge and experience of all citizens work collectively in projects that sustain our earth, and the people that inhabit it.

No Change = No Humans?

Challenges like Covid 19 and climate warming are placing increasing stress on the global populace.
It is essential that citizens are engaged in the development and implementation of solutions
in order to keep the human race from extinguishing ourselves from the planet.

Skills, Knowledge & Experience

Citizens possess the skills, knowledge and experience needed to solve the problems we are confronting. There is zero chance of overcoming these problems without engaging citizens in the development and implementation of solutions.

RapiFly engages all stakeholders in the development and implementation of durable, long-term solutions to commercial and social challenges. Commercial experts and community contribute to projects that improve local communities. Successful projects are scaled upward to the national and global level. Continuous improvement is enabled by compensating project teams for creating human and earth-friendly solutions.

  • Skill – 100%
  • Knowledge – 100%
  • Experience – 100%

Rise up.
Build a legacy.

It's quite simple, actually.

We either rise up, change our ways, and leave a planet to our descendants that is rich in resources and opportunity. Or we continue scorching the earth and threaten to extinguish ourselves from the planet.

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