Planning Synergies envisions a network operations center that improves local, regional, national and global living standards as it improves and sustains the health of our planet.


Planning Synergies mission is to create, build and promote products, services and organizations that:

  • Strengthen middle class society.
  • Improve local, regional, national and global living standards.
  • Advance technologies that improve human strengths and minimize human weaknesses.
  • Sustain the preeminence and relevance of the human species.
  • Sustain our planet.

Planning Synergies is Healing Capitalism

There are those that think capitalism is broken. We disagree. We think it’s simply time for an upgrade.

America is full of intelligent, entrepreneurial, motivated people. Many American citizens would love to make money and earn equity by participating in projects that rebuild the middle class, improve our living standards, and improve the health of our planet.

Planning Synergies designed Healing Capitalism to create an economic model that creates and distributes wealth in an equitable, mutually-beneficial manner.

Mission Console engages businesses, subject matter experts and citizens in projects that improve local, regional, national and global living standards using techniques that sustain our species and the planet that supports us.

People brought together by common goals and motivations are one of the most powerful forces on earth.

Join us and become part of the solution.